Our Story

Why we started

Hi! I'm Emily and am so glad you 

clicked to check us out. 

The idea for Upcountry Camp began in 2016, when our family was living in Kenya. For four years we had amazing safari adventures, survived without modern conveniences like Target, and lived with fascinating people from all over the world. As we moved back to the States we wanted the values of “experiences over material things” to stick with us. 

We also wanted to share with people 

the biggest lesson we learned: 

being outside can be comfortable! 

What we do

 We setup canvas tents and fill them with stylishly durable furnishings. Our goal is to wow you with how fun it is to do something outside of your normal routine. We also want you to relax, so we take care of all the setup details. You simply show up and start having fun. Then, when the event is over, you walk away refreshed while 

we take care of the pack-up. 

How we spread joy

Our mission is to bring you together with your 

loved ones in a way that strengthens your 

unique bond with this shared experience. 

Whether it is for your child’s birthday sleepover, 

a girlfriends’ bachelorette party, your family campout, or a romantic couples escape. 

There is something special about taking a break from a climate-controlled environment 

and going outside to a cozy tent. 

It is a deep breath for the soul. 

Let us help you make some memories!

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Upcountry Camp

based in Madison, Mississippi