About Us

Kenya Inspired

While living in East Africa for several years, we were enamored with the generous spirit of the Kenyan people. Building and maintaining strong ties with their friends and family is essential to their sense of well being and ultimate survival. Every weekend they leave the hustle of the city to head "upcountry" where they tend to their lands and reconnect with their families. 

We also fell in love with the luxurious and authentic safari experience. This glamorous camping trend is better know as "glamping." It means real beds and furnishings all in a fresh canvas tent.

Atlanta & Jackson Based

The wonderful natural resources in both Georgia and Mississippi make these areas the ideal setting to go glamping. 

We all have busy lives. The weekdays are packed with responsibilities, and the weekends are often times more hectic with running errands and gearing up for the next week. Take a break from the routine and go Upcountry! Let us handle the preparations, so you can immediately relax and reconnect. 

Upcountry Camp

The glamping trend is booming across the world and in the western United States. We're excited to be the first to offer this memorable pop-up camping experience to the Atlanta and Jackson areas... and everyone in between. Contact us about planning your next memorable event.